Colorvision tabletop system

White Knight

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Nov 19, 2006
Staten Island, New York
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This 1984 tabletop system looks a lot like the Entex Adventurevision, but it is reportedly even rarer. Unlike the Adventurevision, each game has an LCD built-into it, and was never released in the US. At least 5 games were made for it: Beasts Planet, Horror House, Jungle Boy, Monster Chase (pack-in), and Submarine. Depending on the country, it was either made by Romtec, Bristol, Bazin, Altic, and possibly others. The Romtec one seems to be by far the most known, followed by the Bristol.

Mine finally arrived today from England! It comes with the game Monster Chase (called Chasse Aux Monstres here). Apparently, the Bristol version I have is French. The game is simple, like those LED games from the very early 80's. The system reflects the game off mirrors, and it is very simple. Here are pics I took real quick. The box is beat up, but it's all there. No instructions or inserts, but the system is in flawless condition, battery cover and all.



I have some questions: Who here has one? Is there a registry? What exactly is this thing worth, and how many were sold/still exist? Did any other companies market them, and were they released outside of Europe? Any info at all on this system would be greatly appreciated!