A strange dream....


Aug 29, 2006
Last night I had this dream that I was doing the normal thing I do in dreams, run to other cities, run into people's houses and steal their stuff, eat their food, and beat them until they disapear. I usually do this with a couple of friends and this time I was with my friends Joe and Ian. We were at the edge of one village where there was a slope going into a dark looking forest and a very wide road leading down to it. The three of us played on people's computers in the village for a while until I found a note near the slope. It said that the same company that made the system that the game "Starfox" were making a new game system and when a bull came to teh village the person that found this note could go to teh game maker's HQ and collect a billion dollars and the new system. I got my friend Joe to research who made the system, and it turned out it was Nintendo. Right then I saw a bull coming up the path from teh dark forest, but it was going very slowly and had a steel fishbowl on it's head. Then a bear came running past teh bull adn mauling Ian. a guy dreesed as an angel came, got the bears attention while my friends and I killed the bear. Unfourtunatley The angel man was killed. But the bear was dead too. The bull was about half way up when a robot came running past it and blew up. It was very pointless.Then the bull made it up the hill to the village and we killed it. The three of us ran down to the Nintendo HQ to collect the money and the wii. when the people there refused to give us teh prizes, we pillaged the place and burned it down. I started playing the wii and it was one of the funest things I ever did in a dream, but I don't really remember what it was like.

I apolagize if that didn't make any sense at all. But really, In think this might be another one of my crazy future telling dreams, but what does it mean?
Someone here must know.
its means you need to lay off the crack pipe.


Seriously i have no idea bro, i love having vivid dreams like that, especially ones where you are aware you're dreaming - those are the best :yesnod: .

What was the last tv show/dvd/ or game you played that day?
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Well I somehow always know whether my dreams are just dumb and weird, but this one seeemed different. The last thing I did was almost fall asleep watching a blank TV. Then I managed to get to my bed and fall asleep wiht my clothes on. I was looking around on these forums alot before that though. And I also remember on friday I said during a fire drill, that everything seemed sureal all of a suddenI think it might mean that Nintendo will try to get people hyped about teh wii by sending bears, robots, and bulls to kill us. When I woke up this morning I think I almost understood it. Mayeb teh angel guy was pit?
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