Stupidest Thing You Have Done While Drunk


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Sep 17, 2006
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Just as the title says, post the stupidest thing you have done while intoxicated. Mine would probably be the time me and two of my friends went to school drunk during a basketball game. We got on to school grounds and as we were walking through the parking lot I notice some guy is sitting in his truck staring at me, so I flip him off. He starts his truck and comes speeding toward us as if to run us down. Me and one of my friends take off running, while my second friend who is the most intoxicate just starts walking toward the truck that is coming straight for him. Well the guy slams on his brakes and my friend walks up to his window.
Guy: Why the hell did your friend flip me off?!?
My Friend: What...huh
Guy: Dude are you ok?
At that time he realizes that we are drunk and picks up his cell phone, I'm assuming to call the police. So I run up and grab my friend and we run off into the school. Well then my friends start walking up to everyone blowing in their faces so that they can smell the alcohol on their breath. There is cops everywhere in my school so me being the most sober one out of us three, I had to grab my friends and try to keep them from breathing on people, talking to anyone, or falling over. Well I finally convinced my friends to leave after about a half hour, in which we were somehow not caught. Well so when we are leaving, one of my friend's friends comes up and pushes my friend. (damn I am saying friend alot) So my two friends start swearing and trying to beat the kid up, while I am holding them back. Then some other two kids see me holding my friends back and think I am beating on them, so they come over and want to fight me, so I am forced to let go of my friends and a big fight breaks out. Eventually a cop came around and saw the fight and tried to stop it so everyone scattered. Luckily me and my friends were able to get over a fence and to another one of my friends house before the cop got to us. Everyone that did get caught (I think four people) got $50 fines. So anyway, that was the stupidest thing I have ever done while drunk, now share your stories.
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I knew a thread like this would come up one time or another.
Well It was only the other night and I can only speak from what my friend saw.
I was going out on a little school reunion type thing with a few of my friends and we went to a field we usually go to , we like to call it rugby fields. It's next to hessle foreshore. Anyway, My mate brought all the alcohol and we all sat in a circle, I drank this small weird dutch beer and we played spin the bottle (oh yes), had to kiss 4 girls, 1 girl twice which happened to be my GF.
And that's all I can remember, apart from going into country park climbing the cliffs (bit dangerous).
My friend also said that I was hugging and stroking a bin and my GF took a picture of it, I still havent seen it yet so I will upload it when I get it.
Well, for some reason my gf left me and some drama happened but I don't know what or why. I came home (somehow) and went on WiiChat and posted some random crap basically (loose told me :|) and I got a no posting ban for a day.
So, now im still feeling terrible about it all (my gf and everything) so yeah, very stupid indeed. Going out again tonight though!

I tried to 'get' (to put it nicely) with a... horizontally challenged girl :] for no particular reason :| luckily, I gave up trying, once I realised she was coming on to me, and not particularly attractive :] stupid Jack Daniels - the bastard.
My answer

Drink + lego = Random stuff

What a small scale model of a brick
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Well stupidest thing i have ever done was, me and my mates where at this girls 18th birthday party and well she had loads of drinks, and we all were having a good time, till another dude comes in fully drunk and starts to piss everyone off, So me and my mates took him to the park (by persuading him with a vodka,jack daniels bottles we had in our pockets)(her house was near the park) which was pitch black at that time and well my mate stripped him naked, and me and the others tied him to the fence with his shirt/jumper/trouser and then we left, on the way back we were totally pissed from drinking the rest of the JD and vodka, so one of my mates went and started putting the wipers of the cars we saw on the way back to the party, and i started to piss on driveways(supposdly what my mate said), well when we got back to the party, And then it was either one of my mates or another dude (cant remember) found a tennis ball and soaked it with alcohol and lit it with his lighter and threw it outside, we were like woaw, till someone went outside and poured water, then this i supposdly went up to the girl whose party it was and took her panties (dont know how) and conked out on the bed, the next morning when i wake im like covered in girls panties (i think <.<) and i go home, then like later on the day when i meet up with my mates, they had recorded a video of them going upstairs to her room and like taking all her panties and putting them on me.

and woaw, 3 people so far are from UK, and 1 from the states and 1 i dunno lol.

stupidest thing ive done while drunk was probably when i nearly burn down the park....

it was in the summer and i was as pissed as a uhh verry drunk thing, and my mate dared me to make a trail of beer leading to the field going across tge park, but the floor of the park was tarmac, so i lit it and the floor started to crinkle and melt and i realised what it was and just ran away and dropped the rest of my drink on the floor which just made it worse
I was at a frat party and accidentally walked into a group of some very sexually frustrated fatties who bust ass drunk. I think I almost got raped. Thankfully I was saved by the rescue rangers.. only i was too drunk to realize they were only hairy persian girls. Beer goggles extremo.
Byuakuya said:
I don't drink, so I don't actually have any horror stories such as those listed above. :lol:

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i tried biting and punching my friend when he was just trying to help me up after throwing up my brains in the middle of the street