wii in bullring!! worst day of my life


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Oct 24, 2006
today as some of you might know, i had planned to go play the wii in the Bullring. just would like to say it was the WORST day ever!!!

i went with my friend in the morning to the bullring we saw our other mates so it was now 6 of us we were coming down on the escalator thing when two of my mates were arguing about something?!?!? they were pushing each other and one of then accidentaly touched a black girls ASS!!!

she turned around and start swearing and **** when her big ass boyfriend came and said he was going to 'mess us up' my friends start swearing back and start saying crap like let my cousins come down and well show ya!!

we start causing a scene then bullring security came running and separated everything and took us out were the police came and start taking our details.

i was pissed off!!! the lady however didnt press charges for sexual assault but we were told we werent allowed to come to the bullring ever!!!

i just got home now and i am pissed of propa and felt like writing this...:mad2: :mad2: :mad2:
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it didnt even end there!! there was also an incident on the bus
Whoa Dude!
I don't think they wont let you in though, they can't enforce it very well...

Sounds like you need less chavvy friends ;)
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something like this has never happened to me. she was ignorant though because it was an accident and my mate even apologised and said sorry but she kept on swearing. why arent people open minded, genourous, forgiving, peaceful??
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