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Aug 8, 2006
obviously release date arent out yet, but we know 4th quarter for US and Japan at the least. now i'v learnt from past experience, that australia usually gets everything a few months later. we already have game trader and other places opening pre order (which i think is silly without a price avilable) but my question is. if i was to buy a console in the US to try and skip over the rush, would it be to difficult to convert it to be used her in OZ? if the games were also bought in the US?

anyone know
im from oz aswel, i think that it will come out same time as europe! wel atleast i hope so!, and i was thinking lately that their might be a global launch, that would be the best. For modding but not for the wii yet
You might need a step down converter (same power output as the uk i think)
as for games you wiil have to import all of them

just wait thats what im doing
wait, so has it been confirmed if it will be region free? and if it isnt is their anyway to make it region free?
Dont know
the wiis like religion
no one knows the facts (price date of release)
every one has there own opinion
people trying to convert you to theres
well with some 360 games the devlopers put the region codeing on the disc (360 is like a pc)
Couldn't you get it from britain though, if there is region encoding (I used to live in britain and then australia before america and I always had my games sent to me in australia because they came out much later)?
“Clearly, the success of Nintendo DS has offered a lot of lessons about what works in the marketplace - and we certainly intend to keep our fans satisfied. For the Wii system, we are finalizing all the relevant details and will be making announcements in the coming months.”.

It seems hopeful, that they're at least considering it. It sounds as though we'd know before the consoles release, so it'll be best to delay that plan until the facts have been put straight from the horses mouth. I hope it does, that way, we won't have to put up with the wait to see if a certain game gains success in Japan and US before being confirmed for Europe and Australia. (Not that I've imported personally, but I wouldn't mind if I had the option!).

*Crosses fingers that it won't be an outright "No".
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