Rush Rush Rally Racing coming this October -- for Dreamcast


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Feb 7, 2007
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Yes, yes, I know. We don't have a Dreamcast blog. Nonetheless, this bit of news is too exciting to pass up. Besides, being the fanboys you are, I am SURE each of you had played on Dreamcast long before the PS3 or the Xbox 360 or the Wii even crossed your collective consciousness. There's some room for Dreamcast in everyone, I believe.

That is why it's just totally exciting to find out that apparently, not all publishers have let go of the Dreamcast dream, choosing to still make games for it despite the console having been declared clinically dead years ago. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Redspotgames' 10th year Dreamcast anniversary offering: Rush Rush Rally Racing.

This is no hoax, folks! You can get the game on Amazon and eBay starting this October, for US$ 22. Heck, you can even pre-order this now over at the publisher's website (via the link below)! They've even listed the features, the best among which, I'd have to say, would be this: NO REALISTIC BACKGROUNDS, NO SPONSORED CARS. ONLY FUN, RETRO GAMEPLAY.

* Single-player grand prix mode with four difficulty levels
* Three multiplayer modes to enjoy with up to four players
* Five race cars to choose from
* 10 Grand Prix race tracks
* 9 additional multiplayer race tracks
* Awesome soundtrack by Black Device
* Autosave to VMU (any port, file uses just 2 blocks)
* Region-free
* Rumble pack support
* Compatible with original Dreamcast pads, arcade stick, and third-party controllers
* Supports PAL (50/60 Hz), NTSC, and VGA displays
* Configurable controls and many other options
* Animated cut scenes
* Plus even more unlockable content!
* New: Online high score!

heres the link