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Jun 2, 2006
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Just say your play Zelda and you get sick of constantly swinging your sword and aiming your bow, do you think there would be alterative controlls, like mabey being able to use the GCN controller for it, Not that im to fat and lazy to use my arm, but i usually play video games when im to tired or cant be bothered doing something else, and it will be annoying swinging my arm all over the place when im tired
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well the gc ver will just be norm controlls
I'm sure it will. Pretty much all games these days have alternate control schemes. I'm sure you'll be able to use the GC-esque shell if you wish.
Well since you can plug in GC controllers on top of the Wii, im sure you will be able to use them in the Wii version of TP just by simply changing a setting. Im pretty sure that Nintendo has thought about people getting tired of using motions to play the game so they more than liely come out with alternative controls.
Probably with some games, but with games like wario ware and trauma center you'll have to stick with using your hands.
Nahh not WW. Honestly I think it will decrease the fun factor a lot without using the Wiimote for WW. But I think that you will probably be able to use the Classic Controller or maybe even the GC Controller if you want to with games like WW.


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Wow!? How did this thread get so off topic???

Anyway, the ability to choose between the wiimote/nuchuk combo and the Gamecube controller would be nice, sort of how you can choose to play games on the DS with a stylus-scheme, or just use the buttons.

Having said that, wouldn't programming a game to be playable with two completly different controllers add longer loading times, longer game-development since there would be two configurations to test and refine, and thus a higher cost per game??