Crytek Buys Free Radical


Oct 20, 2007
New Jersey, USA
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This isn't really Wii-related news, but since Timesplitters 4 was predicted to be a Wii release, I feel this deserved to be posted:

Free Radical's Rob Yescombe just confirmed to 1UP that the recently troubled developer has been bought for an undisclosed sum by Germany-based Crytek (best known for the games Far Cry and Crysis). This ends weeks of uncertainty about the future of the company, which many had guessed might be forced to shut its doors.

When Free Radical employees arrived at work at the company's four Nottingham, UK offices on December 18, they found that they were locked out, with a sign asking them to attend a meeting at a nearby hotel. There it was confirmed that the company had gone into administration, a process in the UK whereby companies can continue to trade while their financial woes are tackled, hopefully meaning that the company can be saved from complete closure.

On December 31, administrator Cameron Gunn of ReSolve Partners announced that although the developer would continue to operate, it would be shedding 140 staff. The remaining 40 employees stayed on at the company working out of one office. Gunn stated at the time that there had been "strong interest" from a number of parties worldwide for the developer.

Speaking from his local pub, Yescombe told us, "After seven long weeks of uncertainty, I can confirm that Free Radical is now out of the woods. We've been bought by a really, really good company." He added, in what was possibly a first for the outspoken writer, "I'm so excited I'm lost for words." Then he found some and continued: "It's the smoothest deal we've ever done. It all went through quickly, efficiently, fantastically..."

Yescombe said that he was unsure what the deal would mean for those made redundant on New Year's Eve, but that he hoped the company could ramp back up to its former size. Asked about what the team will be working on -- and specifically if this means we will one day see TimeSplitters 4 -- he said, "We don't know yet. We'll find out over the coming weeks."

We've contacted Crytek for more details, and to confirm from their side.


All I can say is that this is probably the best news I've heard this year. Hopefully they resume work on Timesplitters 4. I was so distraught when they looked as if they were going down the drain. Thankfully, Crytek bought them (Developers of Crysis (PC)). Maybe they'll get some good technology from Crytek to use towards Timesplitters 4.

I am very happy about this. :)
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Huh, didn't know it was confirmed it was developed for the Wii, but that's nice to hear. That means maybe they can pick up where they left off and finish the game. That'd be awesome.
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Oh yeah man. And maybe they can build it on the Crysis engine somehow. That'd be amazing.
Aw man I'd love for this to mean Time Splitters 4 came out, for whatever console, I was really looking forward to it before Free Radicial went other fps has such insane monkey action.
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Very true man. I mean you could be an undead, cyborg, or ninja monkey in Timesplitters Future Perfect. How awesome is that!?
Man that was nothing, you could go a robot controlled by a goldfish, a snowman on a magic carpet, a giant duck and a gingerbread man...the game was just crazy.

Plus Cortez was pretty damn funny in story mode.
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Haha yeah, the gingerbread man! :lol:

Best character had to be that Sheriff Skullface. God those characters are amazing. Yeah, Cortez was a great main character. Decent story mode, but the real fun was multiplayer. Split-screen with friends is a blast.
Wow Timesplitters was coming to Wii all along? That is good news, I too loved the old games.
Another good new! I love Timesplitters 2, multiplayer is a blast!

I wish Timesplitters 4 Wii will be also filled with option and customization and a solid online.

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Great, Crytek will push the Wii hardware to the limits with this game and of course Free Radical will learn a ton with this development.
This open the gate for the first Crytek game on Wii since in 2006 Cervat Yerli promises it by 2010!!
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I don't think he ever said that, I Google'd around to find nothing. I believe stickmode is the "fanboy"-ish Wii lover that came to WiiChat a bit. So I won't be taking his word until something is confirmed.

I'm gonna play Future Perfect in a bit. :)