Currently playing?


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May 20, 2006
What games are you currently playing on Gamecube? Does anyone still play it? Currently, I'm restarting on Super Smash Bros. Melee, practicing for Brawl since it'll have the same controls as Melee.
zelda: four swords and ocarina of time

and ssbm as soon as i get a working copy....bought a used one over the weekend and it wouldn't load, man was i mad
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I'm currently playing SSBM again and Soul Calibur II which I have borrowed from a friend.
Right now Im trying to get 100% on Simpsons Hit & Run and I recently picked up SSX3 for like 3.99 at a Pawn Shop and ive been playing it some. I throw in some Mario Party with the family here and there also. I am fixing to start a new Wind Waker game and a new Skies of Arcadia game, just need to the time to invest in a long start up.
Well i would be playing SM: Sunshine (game arrived today) but as my console + gamepads have been delayed im stuck with just the game :(

Hopefull it'll arrive before the weekend *crosses fingers*
I'm currently playing FF XI for the PC. I occasionally play Need for Speed: Most Wanted for GC. I want to start up Resident Evil 4 again when I have a chance.
Right now I am playing SSBM about 2 hours a day. Have to start practicing now.