Wii is out soon - so how much a GameCube worth?


Jul 19, 2006
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What do you think it is worth now that the Wii is coming out ?

Since the Wii is out soon, and my Wii funds are not yet at the $350 or so that is needed to get the system, extra controller, and the new Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, I decided to put my GameCube up on eBay.

my GameCube lot on eBay

I think that the Cube still has life in it, as Smash Bros Brawl isn't going to be out for a long time --- and simply put, Smash Bros Melee for GameCube is the best fighting game ever created ( in my opinion ). That and even games like Zelda: Windwalker & Star Wars Rouge Squadron, and Mario Sunshine for people who haven't played them yet.
You have only 3 games ! ?
I wonder why your selling the G-Cube :(
well actually last time I checked they were worth 20 to 30 dollars in store credit at EB games....but go ahead and sell it on Ebay.....I think you might get more if you trade it in.
take the cube in and use it for money on the Wii seeing how everything for the cube works with the wii that's about all it'd be good for after getting the wii
I'm keeping my cube. Because I keep all of my game systems. I'm kind of a pack rat but it will remind me of the good old days of playing SSBM with a bunch of friends. Same reason I didn't sell my N64.
Exactly. Plus I am putting it in the den and the Wii moves in my room :D (So I can play SSBM in the den OR in my room :D)
I sold my GC with a controller and all the cords and 2 games I don't play much (Lego Star Wars & NCAA 2005) anymore. I got $50 profit on Ebay. I've kept the games I like along with 2 black controllers and a wavebird.

This is about the same as the credit you can expect at EB or Gamestop on a trade-in.
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You got $50 on eBay for that stuff? Hmm, my auction is at $40 right now (almost expired ) and I'm selling more stuff. 3 Games, 2 controllers, and Zelda Four Swords with 2 GameBoy Advance connector cables. Oh well, someone is going to get a good deal.

my GameCube auction is here
At gamestop i got $70 for GC (with controller), Mario Party 4, sonic collection, Monkey Ball, and Serious Sam.

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