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Dec 27, 2006
Wii Online Code
I could hear my team mates calling for my help, begging me to do something. But alas, there was nothing I could do. I was trapped, alone on the small ramp leading to what some may call shelter. In all reality, it was far from it. Another explosion went off in that room, probably from a random grenade from the enemy. As the grenade went off, I could hear my team mate yell before he fell silent. His body was thrown through the door and to my feet. With his legs sticking out the door, you could see the body moving up and down on its own. Clearly the Red team was a bit cocky today. Great, another one down leaving me at an even greater disadvantage..

The sky was dark and we had been trapped on this place with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Sure, I had a gun but with no ammunition in site I was useless. To take on a person with a sniper from far back with just a pistol was out of the question. With my aiming, it would be suicide and I would just be an easy target, a +1. So, with nothing left to do, I sat there and listened as the various red team members screamed victory while my team was left speechless. If I wasn't to do something fast this battle would have been over shortly. So, with whatever courage I had in me I stood up and decided to fight for my team. Oh how that was a bad decision.

As I stood up from my spot, where people seeemed to leave me be, I heard a shot from the distance. Yes, that sniper had spotted me and I quickly turned around. Another bad decision on my part. The bullet penetrated my armor and managed to go straight through my head. The red team had declared victory as my body fell over the edge falling into the abyss. There would be no more respawns. I should have called in sick, took a day off. But no, I didn't. I decided to fight for the blue team and in that, I cost us the game. Red team 50, Blue team 49. That was the last time I ever acted on a gut feeling.

We were returned to the lobby where remarks such as "lol newb" and "pwnt" were thrown around. Mainly at me for spending the entire game watching as my team mates fell beside me. Alas, I hung up my gun and called it quits. After ending the game, I quickly pressed the "turn off console button" and decided enough was enough and decided to focus my efforts on a new task.
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It was so dark that day. Darker than the black abyss known as the night sky. As I slowly waked through the large stone room torches began to light themselves. The dim light showed me that the room was bigger than I thought.
Suddenly, I heard a voice from the other side of the room. "You!" it said, "I challenge you to a fight to the death!" I looked to find a ninja standing there, staring at me. "I accept your challenge." I said to him. I didn't want to fight him, but I had no choice in the matter. Before I know it, I'm blocking the ninjas attacks. I try a left hook, but he blocks it followed with a kick to my side. It connected and knocked be backwards. I quickly got up and jumped in the air. As I descend back down I kick him in the face. He flenched and was off balance and off guard. I then hunched down and clenched my fist. As I rose my fist rose aswell, but with more acceleration. It coonected with his chin, a successful uppercut. He flung into the air and landed hard. When he was back up on his feet, he realized how badly injured he was. He was in a daze, fighting to stay conscience.
Then, from the sky came a rumblingly deep voice. "FINISH HIM!!!" it said. Its as if God himself wanted this man dead. I looked at the barely living ninja standing there. I slowly removed my mask, showing my true form. As the flames spat out from my skull I could hear him screaming in agony. When I finished I put my mask back on and saw that nothing remaind of the ninja. "Scorpion Wins." Said the voice. "....Faitality!"

The gods were pleased.
Wow. Very deep and creative.

I loved it! I was expecting something along the lines of a sport you play. lol.

Great work Syntax.
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I've got to go on more random tangents. :)
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It was set on Guardian.
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We shall call it WiiChan, no? Replace the "t" with an "n". I was bored when I wrote this. Just a simple joke..