Deadly Creatures


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Nov 27, 2006
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Has anyone played this game yet? I bought it yesterday but haven't had the chance to play it. I'm wondering what people think of it!
haven't played it but from what I read it really sounds like what GOOD 3rd Party game. Hope to see more REAL effort like this more often.
I picked it up... still amazed at the lack of discussion on many sites... I bet this game is going to completely slip past without any notice.

First The Metacritic Scores are mostly in the good and above category, but I have no idea where Edge magazine gets off with their 5/10 rating. I'll address their thought that the controls are poor in my brief little talk about the game.

Basically I'm on Chapter 4 so far, you alternate between the Scorpion and the Trantula. The story unfolds, as we know already, by way of hearing humans talk and move around above the ground. Not very far into the story, but I like how it unfolds.

The graphics are pretty good (it is a Wii afterall) with good textures and great animations. The movement of your characters are great. I found combat with the Scorpion easier to get a hold of at first than the Tarantula, but as the Tarantual unlocks more moves it becomes a bit more powerful (you unlock moves as you progress through the game both at certain points in the story/adventure when they're required and as you gain points for killing things).

Very few of the combat moves originate through gestures, which I think is great. Basically you start off most moves with an A attack and then you can finish them with different gestures for more powerful moves. There are gesture attacks to lead, but they are not very good for starting things off.

I'll comment here on Edge Magazine's statement that the motion controls aren't very good. First, there IS a sensitivity setting of which I set the gestures to be very sensitive (maybe they didn't do this) next, while the gestures do work when I want them, they aren't the type of thing you can just wing around and hope for the best. Timing is meaningful, so doing an attack with a gesture has to string together, or it wont work. As for gesture-starting attacks like the tail-whip, for example, which starts with a left or right waggle works when you want it to, but the scorpion takes a while to get into the motion... this is not a fault of the controls, but I think a necessity to make the move useful but not your be-all move (most attacks will start with A). I'm sure there are other games where a heavy-attack starts with a big wind-up motion, making them useful only when you're out of range of attack or disruption. This is the same here...

The levels seem good although can be disorienting since the spider (and to a lesser extent the scorpion) can crawl up walls and over ceilings. Some areas are scary, and while I didn't think I would find any of the violence shocking or disturbing because it's all bugs, it was a lot more convincing than I expected.

Most reviews say the game is on the short side. That doesn't bother me (I'm so busy it took me over three months to finish Force Unleashed, so a short game is fine for me) not sure how some of you will feel if you finish it in a brief period. However, despite it's possible (yet unconfirmed by myself) brevity, I'd say that this is worth it for the sake of something different, something good from a third party Wii game maker, and a way to show other designers that we're interested in good games for Wii, not just more carnival crap.
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I picked up Tenchu over Deadly Creatures and Overkill.

At $50 Deadly Creatures didn't appear to have the longevity I was looking for. I'll pick it up when the price comes down!

I already had a rail shooter in Umbrella Chronicles (though I will admit Overkill looks better than UC)

Plus I have been craving a stealth title.
Overkill is better than uc i got it the first day and u got ripped off because tenchu got bad rating ninja gaiden is better
^Yeah, but Tenchu also got good ratings. I read up on the game quite extensively before I got it and so far I'm happy with the purchase.
What's the language like in this game? I have an 8-year old son I'd like to play this game with but I don't want language to be an issue. So, any "bad" words?
The game is rated T, I don't recall any strong language but then again I may not notice it either... if I come across some I'll try to remember and post here.
The game is rated T, I don't recall any strong language but then again I may not notice it either... if I come across some I'll try to remember and post here.
Thanks, I'd appreciate that. I knew it was rated 'T', but I'm hoping it's just because of the "violence." I'm okay with bug-on-bug violence. :smilewinkgrin:
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This game is Ace! Couple of wee bugs (pardon the accidental pun) but otherwise awsome!

One thing though, you are right about it being short. I completed it with 5 hours of gameplay and I'm not a hardcore gamer. If they continue with titles like this the future for Wii looks brighter.

Burnsy :D
I purchased it about an hour or so ago, and it's a very solid title. There are some framerate issues somewhat, but it's tolerable. Graphics are really quite nice, to Wii's standards, and the gameplay is pretty good. So far, I'd say it's about worth the $50.

Support good 3rd party games people!