design your own controller with your own pic

ummm...where would the pic go? Would it be like airbrushed on the Wiimote, or like inserted into the face behind some protective clear plastic? What?
yeah cool i want a paper mario branded one like with his face (ooh soo cool) on the cover with different expresssions

like this?
i made it myself ;)
My dream controller would have special technology that can sense my hand print, so that if a theif trys to steal it spikes will come out of the side peircing through their hand. And while their rolling around in pain the Wii itself will launch the disk out of its disk slot which will spin around really fast and cut the theif into tiny little peices. The only part of the theif which will remain intact is his mind which will be downloaded onto the Wii's SD card. His mind will then be uploaded onto Smash Bros Brawl so that he becomes a character so that he can be beaten up by Mario, Link and Samus (etc) continualy. And if Luigi's Mansion 2 comes out for the Wii Luigi will hover up all the theif's multiple peices off the floor and then put them on a pizza and feed it to Mario. The theif will also be downloadable to Red Steel for me to pratice my gun and sword skills. Oh, he will also be downloadable to Wario Ware: Smooth Moves for the 'slice' microgame.