Discs Wont Spin (Messed Up Big)


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Jul 29, 2009
so my wii was extremely loud and no longer covered by warranty. it would cost $85 for nintendo to fix it. anyway I saw a simple fix on youtube here:


Well, I did that and fixed it so the noise was much less. Here is where I go wrong... I thought "Hmmmm, I bet it can be more quiet." I couldn't quite get the leverage I wanted so I took off the metal plate over the game disc. I think doing that immediately screwed up the ejection/load levers. Also, whatever "repairs" I did after may have made it so the center spinning thing (white plastic) sticks up and doesnt touch the disc.

Now... I am so lost as to what to do. Suggestions?
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Fixed It

K, it's back to normal. I just had to manually take out the disc and reinsert it.