Do i update wii, its chipped!


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Nov 6, 2007
Soooo hmm, If I mod a wii I might be having a problem when I try to play original games?
Further more I need to update to play some games? what about people who don't have internet and want to play? or is the update shipped with the game that needs it?

I live and work in Thailand, the land of piracy, I was about to have my wii chipped here. Why? Because, yeah I am going to buy pirated games. I live in a country where the average person gets about $300 a month salary, and a wii costs more than a Xbox360 elite. If I goto the mall, it's all pirated games in plastic bags, *IF* I can find a real copy then I have to pay about 70+ dollars for it. I have a few real games I picked up in America and I support it, but with the salary (laughable compared to what I would make in the US even if I worked at Best Buy!) I find it much nicer to play copied games and then on my return pick up real copies (I like to have originals).
If I can chip it and continue to play pirated games then it is great, cause I can sell it here when I leave and then buy another in the US and bring my real games with me.

So can anyone tell me if I chip it, that I can always play copied games?


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Nov 8, 2007
does anyone know the specs of a wii bought from germany ie: pal/ntsc & voltage etc & also will they play uk pal wii games?


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Nov 23, 2006
Albany, NY USA
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