Do you guys recon..


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Jun 27, 2006
i am thinking of gettin a Wii when it comes out but i am wondering will it become another Gamecube i got that close to when it came out thinking it would be great but with barely any titles comming out after the initial phase at the beggining it become kinda boaring just curious what you guys recon
Of course there is no gonna be another Gamecube in fact the Wii will be like a Gamecube because you can use Gamecube games on it
Unfortunately for the time being most of the third parties are being rather cautious about the Wii, so we may have to wait a while to see the best they have to offer. That said, there's actually quite a few interesting games expected in the first few months.
you never know how people are gonna react. so far all the thoughts about it are good. and it's also the most anticipated console of the next gen consoles
it depends
look at the ds for example selling in japan because of brain training and over ere because of nintendogs