does mario go deep?


Sep 14, 2006
ok, so wii (haha, y'like that? :lol: ) already know that galaxies isn't gonna be our typical mario game, where he can run around lands on earth in search of the princess, or 100 stars or what have you. he's jumping around from planet to planet, and it doesn't look like the planets have all that much depth to them. does the depth come from the amount of planets he has to conquer? are there any puzzles like mario64 had? please fill me in. i'm definitely gonna buy this game (no matter how many years pass, nobody will ever be able to meet the stature of mario), but i wanna know exactly what i'm in for. thanks!
Although I haven't owned a Mario game in years, I'm really looking forward to this one as long as there are a few massive planets. I think it would be really lacking if all you did was go from dinky little planet to dinky little planet. Perhaps we're only seeing "linking planets?" What I mean by that is, perhaps those videos of Mario Galaxy are show little planets that lead you to different massive planets. That'd be great!:D
Mario finally goes intergalactic! This planet just isn't big enough for him anymore. He's gotta stop eating those spaghetti and meatballs! :lol:
The Mario Galaxy trailers you saw didn't include every aspect of the levels, there can be many planets to just 1 level. There are also much bigger levels than we seen in trailers and screenshots.
yeah some planets takes a minute to walk across oters can take much longer i read that somewhere and yeah we are only seeing demoes so people can just get feel of the controller not to get into the gameplay as such
Well I guess the lead up to level bosses would be on a big planet. Though if its just little planet to little planet I think it would be stupid.
it would be cool if you could enter the planets in tunnels (like zebes) to give it a bit of depth also it would be coo lf there were planets inhabited by nice people and if you could get to the world with isle delfino and peaches castle and stuff.
Fun as those videos looked, it'd be kind of boring just jumping from asteroid to asteroid all the time. Hopefully other levels will be set on much larger worlds.

By the way, Guam is an island in the Pacific.
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yes, guam is definitely an island in the middle of the pacific. us territory, native people are "chamorros," yada yada yada. now, to the important stuff: thanks for all the input! i'm really hoping that there's more depth to it than jumping from planet to planet because, personally, i NEED that depth there. hopefully we're just demoing and there'll be way more to it than what i've seen thus far. either way, i'm sooooo getting that game!
Icetrash said:
Well I guess the lead up to level bosses would be on a big planet. Though if its just little planet to little planet I think it would be stupid.
Ive seen two boss videos where your on small planets.
BTW, the name of this thread is just.... weird
motherbrainrulez said:
where the hell is guam?

* Latitude of Guam: 13º48´ North of the Equator
* Longitude of Guam: 144º45´ East of Greenwich