does the wii need a dvd player


Jul 29, 2006
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Hey as most of you know supposably you can buy an attachment for the wii which could play dvds but i think if you had a wii you most definetly have a dvd player so i kinda pointless what are you opions ?
Why do u need a dvd in a wii if everyone already has oe in their house... isnt that stupid?
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yeah that what im saying i think it is a smart move on nintendos part to keep the cost down
thats why they did this apart, to make the wii veeery cheaper... it was something very inteligent from nintendo
now thinking about it, I agree with you all saying how it brings production costs way down. I was getting excited about just needing to have my cable box and Wii in my entertainment center because I thought it had DVD, but now hearing how it doesnt and why it doesnt... I suuport their decidsion now.
I think a DVD player is nice to have in a console. Currently, my Xbox is my DVD player.

While Wii's won't be HD and won't have Dolby Digital 5.1, it would be nice if you had it built into a car with a LCD screen.

Wii will be one of the smallest DVD players around but if it didn't have one, I wonder if it could be an even smaller console?
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as what i have been telling the girls size doesnt matter really it is like you are carrying it in your pocket
yea true, but look at all the new stuff they put into the Wii from the G-cube, its AMAZING how fast there catching up to sont and X-box, they might have pasted them already!
didn't they already surpass sony and microsoft?
it would be cool though, having a dvdplayer in the Wii, since our crappy dvd player sucks...
And since i'm gonna live on my own in a few years i'll need to buy myself a dvd-player, So i'd rather just have one in my wii :p

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