downloadable games


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Aug 7, 2006
i was wondering if nintendo had stated the prices on the games that will be available 4 download. I must know so i can figure out how much it is going 2 cost me to download my favorite mario games. also, i know that the games will be downloaded directly 2 your wii, but how will u pay them? do u give them a credit card number? do they send u a bill?:confused:
i think you have to put your credit card number like xbox LIVE. They might also sell prepaid cards in stores so you don't have to put a credit card number in.
I saw somewhere that the price was going to be $4-$8 and that was supposed to be official, I'm trying to find the page again, will edit reply if I find it before I forget.
I'm pretty sure it has been confirmed $4-$8. This is already a thread, u kinda just made 2 of the same:sick:
DragonM3D said:
yes it has been confirmed that no one has any sort of idea