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Feb 22, 2008
Hey guys,

New to the forum, and I'm hoping to get some information that will incentivise me to purchase a Wii.

I hear that you can download old Nintendo games to play on the Wii, like Wave Racer, etc. Are there lots of these games to download? How do they look on a big screen. How much do they cost?

Thanks, I have a lot more questions. I have the PS3, but the Wii looks like more of a party machine, and that is what I am interested in.

hundreds of games from old consoles are available for download as an option called "Virtual Console"

the way it works is you purchase "Wii Points" either at your local game retailer or by using your credit card straight from your wii (internet connection required)

on average, games will range from 5 - 10 dollars (500 - 1000 wii points) each, depending on what console it's for.

not only that, but the library of games is constantly updated =)
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Yeah there are many games to download on the wii shop channel, from N64, SNES, NES and a couple of other old consoles with a lot of games from them.

The cost depends on which system the game is from, for example, nintendo 64 games cost 1000 wii points, while SNES or NES games cost something like 800 points. They look really good for old games, I recommend that you download them.
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Thanks for the quick reply. Are there any coop games for thw Wii? And how much does it cost for each Wii point.
2000 wii points = $20

there are plenty of co-op games for the wii, some of which are online. they range in price depending on how long they've been out etc, but usually cost $50 or so
100 Wii points is a US$. They have a lot of the information on www.nintendo.com like a whole list of games that are out for the Virtual Console. And there are a lot of coop games for Wii. You just have to look into what games interest you.
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