DS Wi-Fi USB...what is it actually for


Ride or Die
Dec 17, 2006
Wii Online Code
I know it's for surfing the internet or something from your DS, but do you need it to play Wi-Fi multiplayer games like Mariokart DS or Tetris DS? I hope not, because I just picked up Tetris because it's a classic and because of the multiplayer thing is pretty damn cool sounding. I was hoping to just load it up and get on wi-fi and play anyone who wants to play online...but do I need to have an access point to my PC with the USB connecter thing? Because if so, that sucks ass lol.


Fo-Weva Pink!
Sep 18, 2006
In The Real World
The wifi usb connector for the DS is if you have NO Wireless internet to connect to but have a wired broadband. If you do have that broadband which is needed for the use of the USB connector, then you can connect to the internet with your DS. In other words its a way for people to connect Wifi without having to go to a hotspot and is only needed if you do not have wireless internet or hotspots close to you :)

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