Durability of the Gamecube

I think I've posted that vid somewhere on this forum before (mite be in Wii chat, under PS3 vs Wii vs XBOX section under one of the pages...)

Pretty funny tho lol
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there also another vid that i saw when the GC actually broke in half, but still worked perfectly fine (well, the introduction did) ;)
wii won't get smashed up everyone loves it too much

and even if someone is wrong enough in the head to try it the wii will go bush/bananas/banzai and kill the sick person
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trust nintendo, it could be the toughest console yet:)
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ive noticed that she used the fat ps2, many sony fans that i showed this vid to complained that if she used the slimline, the ps2 would last longer.
But i digress, i think that testers should always use the first design for durability test etc.
(anyway, she might have done this test before the slimline was produced)
You dont have to worry about pulling your console out with the wii by pulling the controller cause there aint any wires :)
I just realised... All nintendo consoles so far (except handheld ones) have reset buttons which really easily can get stuck.