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Jul 21, 2006
Over the Stars
- Luigi’s Mansion sequel for Wii
- Free Virtual Console games to be packaged with select Wii launch titles


Hmm, I like the whole free VC games packaged with specially selected Wii launch titles, but a sequel to LM, I'm more skeptical about that. Either way interesting rumours.

yeah, i like the VC idea too. but i think that a LM sequel would be cool. i liked the first one
LM I really disliked, as my favorite most critical british guy says, "It was quite appauling. Disgusting. Terrible. It was terrible." I didn't like it much was the point:p

The VC selct launch titles is great. I definitely hope this is true.
I liked the first LM game, I had it, but anyway I think it had the problem that was too short... anyway if they make LM game for the wii Ill buy it... Imagine with the wii-mote using it as a fire ploomb...

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