Every Resident Evil fan should buy Dead Space NOW


Dec 1, 2007
Augusta, GA
This game is what RE5 should have been... Hell it's what RE4 should have been. Don't get me wrong, I loved RE4 and I thoroughly enjoyed RE5, but both of those games became more action orientated and less "Survival Horror", especially RE5.

RE4 and RE5 were great fun but it was missing that suspense and it didn't keep you on your toes because it became more action orientated. Remember in RE1 where you were walking down the hallway and all of a sudden a dog busts into the window and attacks you? How about those Zombies that you "killed" and they came back to as speed hungry cannibals? You also had to conserve your ammo because it definitely was not like RE4 and RE5 where you could really use alot of your ammo.

Even for the people who whined about RE4 and RE5 controls because you felt like a tank and couldn't walk and shoot.

Dead Space has all these things without turning into an action shooter. The lighting, the sounds, the monsters, the splattered blood, etc. In RE1 their weren't even that many Zombies, especially compared to RE4 and RE5 where you face mobs. Well in Dead Space it's not like RE4 and RE5 where you face mobs, it's more like RE1 where there's a few but they're faster and they bust out of vents and come to life when you walk up to them.

There's no checkpoints like in RE5, it's like RE4 where you have certain places you can save.

There's also the store you can go to like the Merchant in RE4.

You can upgrade your weapons, armor and even your abilities, yet the upgrades are not so linear, they are more in depth and have a sort of skill tree while requiring "Power Nodes" to upgrade which can be found or bought for 10,000 credits.

There's also the "ship" (The Ishimura) which is comparable to RE1's "Mansion". Instead of how RE4 and RE5 are where you kind of teleport to another place, this is like the mansion or even like Bioshock's Rapture where you can go back and forth. Though I will say I never actually tried to go all the way back to the beginning of the game.

Remember for all you people who hated RE4 and RE5 controls don't worry because you don't have to worry about that in Dead Space. The controls are like a typical 3rd person mixed with some RE5. You reload by pressing LT+A, you can't blind fire like on Gears and obviously there's no cover. But you can walk and shoot, run without the whole "Run, stop, turn, and run again".

Anyway, this game so far is definitely what RE4 and RE5 should have been. A survival horror in 3rd person that is still a SURVIVAL HORROR.

The only thing that would probably turn some of you off is the fact that it's a more Sci-fi game. Sure RE is Sci-fi but this is a game in space. With futuristic weapons and abilities. So any RE fan that doesn't mind the sci-fi setting should find this game very enjoyable.

Also by RE fan I mean people who enjoyed RE since RE1... I say this because some RE fans started liking it at RE4 and disliked the originals.
yeah i've said before dead space has some similarities to RE4. i still think RE4 is way better. and while i disagree with the direction capcom took resident evil 5 i still think it's a good game.

dead space was fun as hell though, but there was not one scarey or suspensful moment for me..
Even though I'm a huge fan of RE4 and RE5 (and I love the prequels aswell btw), I know what you mean. RE4 still seemed like a survival horror game. But RE5 (sadly) does not feel very survival horror at all. It's just like a 3rd person action/shooter now. =(
(I still love it though)
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RE4 was alot better than RE5 and stayed more true to the Survival Horror genre, but I feel Dead Space did a better job. Also Dead Space was a huge surprise because while the screen shots always LOOKED good it was still EA.