Everybody tell me their RPG name

Mitch2025. you know you can view peoples RPG stuff by clicking the link under their avatars right?
well i was posting but my gil never went up. now its at 6 though. i guess it just takes a little while for it to register. damn this RPG thing is awsome. ive seen sites that have had them but i was never a member of them and didnt intend to becoming a member so its awsome to finaly be able to try out the forum RPG stuff and so far its awsome :)
there is a new RPG addon on the site. battle monsters/ other forums members and lvl up and buy new wepons and **** like that. it is awsome. you need to setup your character and start battling before everyone becomes too powerfull for you and you end up getting owned left and right
Well there's many factors for earning Gil, posts alone arent good enough. Useful posts of decent length that gain many views and replies are the best way to earn Gil points.
so, we should keep posting good posts until we can get enough for a weapon, and then we fight? because i keep dying when i just use my fists xP.
lol so do i. the items at first seemed like they cost alot but i think they are priced perfectly. all it needs is a filter so you can sort them from the most expensive to the lease expesive because its kinda hard to search randomly and find and item in your price range
Supermariomp3 said:
does anyone want to start a clan?
doesnt that cost money? and right now im just trying to live again and buy a weapon. sorry. ill join someone elses ^_^