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Jul 8, 2006
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Tell your RPG class and if you're an orc tell that too. I haven't seen any orcs so far. I don't know why...:wtf:

*EDIT oh yeah, and I'm an assassin. and this isnt really spam...just too lazy to go through everyones RPG stats...:p
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Human Dark Knight and a good one at that
Please do not challenge me. I'm still learning how to work the forum RPG game.:(:sick:
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wow. how come the dark knight is so popular. i thought the ninja would be popular. then again, i thought a lot of people would be evil
I'm different
But i dont like the way that the samurai class has battle armor on thats usually reserved for when they go to war
I happen to be just a Knight, not a dark one. But I know nothing of the game yet, so uhh...don't demolish me, haha
If any orcs need a group to be in, mine is going to be evil characters only. Just private message me if you wish to be in it.