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Aug 6, 2006
Ok, I've been looking around at heres the first news, I'm sure most of us were thinking you can hold only 1 Mii per wiimote, but the limit is 10!
The video shows the guy dragging Miis into the wiimote.
Heres another peice of news: Super Mario Galaxy might not be the final name! That name is just a temp. name for now!
Ok and last but not least, the Zelda (by the way check out the new zelda video at wii.ign.com its off the hook) was updated at gamestop! It has the set price, (yay the retailers are taking the suggesting price of $50) and the box art, with the release date!
So yah, they are all finds, I'm very proud of myself :yesnod: so umm..enjoy!

(Picture of Zelda updated boxart from Gamestop)


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Thanks, please rate, at upper right, i0n told us we should start doing this, and funny, the link works for me. =/
Props man! You are always with good post, although I already knew Super Mario Galaxy was not the final name... and I'm surprised... 10 Miis! I will love to make my owm Mii, also I hope the SMG name doesn't get worst as the Sonic and The Secret rings one...
I hope nintendo keeps the Super Mario Galaxy name i think its what fits the game if they rename it something stupid like "Super Mario: Attack of the Giant Planet People" I'll be mad!
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Super Mario and the Stars of Space
^--to name another
Cool and good news! One thing, where do u think they will put the "Only for Wii" logo for those games which are actually only for the wii!!! Like for The gamecube they were in the top right and it seems like theres not much space for it on the wii cover.
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I was wondering that too, we can't tell by Zelda since its for multiple systems. I would imagine it in the top left, in tiny print it would say Only For................................Wii <the wii being the wii on the right
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Just found out, not posting it in main news since most of you probably already know, link wolf has a sensing ability where it looks like he can see ghosts and people in dark areas, as well as blood stains like on the snow level he uses it and you see a trail of blood the wolf begins to follow. And the wolf has a digging ability which i'm thinking is to like burrow from attacks. Also the link wolf, as shown in the video, can get rides from dragons, at first I thought it was link, but its wolf link,.
OOOOOOOOOOOH! Thats what was in that video when everything goes like blueish white and he can see people that werent their previously! One thing, i hope this zelda game aint scary, not that iam afraid i just dont think it needs to be scary.