Far Cry: Vengeance details revealed


Apr 30, 2006
According to a recent Podcast from VGM daily, a lot of new info regarding the Wii version of Far Cry has surfaced.

The information was given by a key team member of Ubisoft working on the Wii version and has since been syndicated around the IGN and 1up boards.

The general concensus is that the info is official, although i'd take it with a pinch of salt until a named spokesperson confirms it :)

Heres the info leaed:

- Renamed Far Cry: Vengeance
- Jump with nunchuck by lifting it
- Slash Wiimote to make a feral attack, nunchuck to hit enmies in the back, ect.
- Move Wiimote forward to zoom
- Slash across screen for knife attack
- Focusing both on graphics and gameplay, not straight port from Xbox versions.
- Unvealed on the 14th.
- Widescreen, 480p
- “Stable 30 FPS, like all prior instincts games”
- Splitscreen multiplayer
- paraphrase: ‘We’ve heard some online information from Nintendo, but we can’t comment.’ (funny, cause he did. Look below )
- Proposing possibilities to Nintendo Wii24connect
- Single Player: 20+ hours
- “We’re testing online right now”
- “Is there a possiblity online play will show up in retail version?” (quick response) “Yep Yep.”
- Downloadable content is a possibility.

The podcast can be downloaded here: http://podcast.chumcity.net/specialty/spacecast/vgmdaily/VGM_Daily_E118.mp3
GREAT NEWS FINDING SKILLS ONCE AGAIN iOn, u da best! No one can beat you and this forum u created!

Anyway, thats pretty sick! One question though, i dont understand the whole 'p' thing like it says Widescreen, 480p. Wat does that mean? Pretty good to hear that there is a strong posibility for online, correct me if im wrong but will this be the first online compatible FPS game for the wii?

Also, all this news sounds good, first time in a couple of days ive heard some proper wii news, it had been very dry until now. And YES!!! more things to look forward to at 14th!