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Mar 30, 2007
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I've made this thread because of late, people have been posting threads about questions that they can just go and find out the answer to themselves. So I've decided to answer a number of common questions and list and describe all of brawl's functionalities.

The Game

1) When will it be released?

Answer: It will be released in the U.S on March 9th, Japan on January 31st, and UK has not received a set release date yet.

2) Will it have a midnight release?

Answer It has not been confirmed. we don't know for sure, but a midnight release is highly probable, so look forward to one.

3) Will you be able to play with 6 players, or even more?

Answer: Simply, no. It would break the whole feel and concept of Smash Bros. There would be too much chaos on the screen and there would be big breaks in the framerate.


1) Who will be in and who will be out?

Answer: It has not been confirmed, but you can rest assure that 2-time veterans like Luigi, Jigglypuff, Cpt.Falcon, Ness, will return in Brawl. 1-time veterans Sheik and Ganondorf have already been confirmed, but not by Nintendo. They have been confirmed in interviews of the artist who worked on their character models. For Falco, don't worry. It is very likely (you can say 99.9%) that he will be in considering the fact that he is a fan favorite. Also keep in mind that the Ice Climbers are still in, and they weren't even big fan favorites, so Falco should be in for sure.

To view everyone that has been confirmed in Brawl, go here:

2) How many character swill be in Brawl?

We don't know the exact number yet, but Sakurai has hinted at 45-50 characters, so rest assure that there will be a wide variety of fighters to brawl with.

3) How many 3rd-Party characters will there be?

Answer: Maybe around 3-5. Sakurai at first said that there will only be 3, but not too long ago, he staded that he wanted to add more characters, including 3rd-party ones.

4 Will there be guest from the already-confirmed 3rd-party characters?

Answer: No one knows for sure, but I will say something that is completely in my opinion. To me, the answer is no. I don't think Sakurai would want to take up character slots with a bunch of 3rd-party characters. Also, supporting that statement, (still my opinion) Brawl dosen't need someone like Knuckles anyways because there is plenty of punch-and-kick characters like Mario and Cpt. Falcon, so to me, he's unneeded. For a Metal Gear guest, I say Snake is enough. I don't need anyone from the new Foxhound Unit or anything like that. After all, Snake's awesome enough himself, right?


1) Is Brawl going to feature online multiplayer?

Answer Yes, Brawl will be online, so rest easy. You will be able to play with anyone or with your friends, and it will be up to 4 players, of course. For more information regarding online play on Brawl, go here:

2) Will Brawl use Friend Codes?

Answer: Yes, it will. You and your friends will have to exchange 12-digit codes in order to add them to your Brawl friend list. For more info, go here:

3) Will Brawl use a headset or any other type of communication?

Answer: We don't know for sure yet. I know it may seem highly unlikely, but don't lose hope yet. Reggie, (the Nintendo of America spokesperson) has stated that the Wii is "Fully capable of headset support." He also said, "I wouldn't be surprised if one came out..." Who knows. Brawl certainly won't use any type of communication when it first comes out, but late in time, who knows; Nintendo could easily bust out with a headset.

4) What can you do while playing online? Are regular brawls the only thing you can do?

Answer: Nope. There's lots more of modes that you can enjoy while playing with a friend online.

Home Run Contest. This is a game where you have to beat on a sandbag to get it's damage meter up and then send it flying as far as possible with the bat.This mode is both offline and online, but even online, you can play simultaneously with a friend or take turns to see who can hit the sandbag the farthest. for more details, visit this page from Smash Bros Dojo:

Multi-man Brawl This mode is returning once again but this time it features co-op play, which you can play either offline or online. For more details on this, visit this page from the site:

Spectator This feature allows to watch matches from other people playing online. So if you need to take a break from playing and you feel like relaxing, you can just watch a random match. You can even bet coins on who the winner will be. this will take place before the match starts. Your Wii uses the Nintendo Wi-fi connection so that it can stream live matches straight to you television screen. For more information on this, go here:

You can also send stages and snapshots to your friends and Nintendo. To see what "stages" and "snapshots" I'm talking about, scroll down and read the "Game Modes" section.


1) How many items where there be?

Answer: It has not been confirmed yet, but by the look of it, (from the demos) it seems that there will be a massive amount of items to keep your matches fun and full of chaos.

2) What is the Smash Ball?

Answer: The Smash Ball is glowing, floating orb that you have to beat on for a moment in order to break it open and release you "Final Smash Attack". Final Smash attacks are powerful finishing moves that each and every character has. Everybody's smash attack is different, and they posses different effects. For example, Samus's smash attack makes her armor come off and then you have to fight as Zero-Suit Samus. For info on the Smash Ball, go to these two pages:

3) Are Final Smash Attacks done automatically right after you get the Smash Ball?

Answer: No. You get to choose when you want to execute it, and you do this by pressing the special move button.

Game Modes

A) Stages

1) Is it true that you can make your own stages?

Answer: Yes, you can, and completely from nothing too. And don't think that it's a little cheap concept of putting a block there and another there. It actually has many options and you can make some really good stages. Check it out for yourself:

You can also send stages to your friends that you have added on your friend list, and you can also send it in to Nintendo to have someone else try your stage out. AND you can also save your stages to an SD card that is plugged in your Wii, so you can take your stages with you over to a friends house and you don't have to worry about data storage.

2) Have they added anything new to the pause screen?

Answer Actually, yes, they have, and it's nothing small either; it's pretty big. It's called Snapshots of course because now, at anytime when you pause the game, you can take a snapshot instantly of everything that is going on. And this time around, you can view things from all sides and angles, that way, you can see everything. You can also send pictures to your friends and save them on an SD card, like the stages you make with the Stage Builder. For more info, go here:

And also, while your on the pause screen, you can select what music you would like to here play while your playing the game. It's a new feature called My Music. For more information on My Music, go here:

3) Is the Adventure Mode going to feature co-op play over Wi-fi?

Answer: It's a rumor........a very probable one though.

Sakurai has given us even another treat as well, which is the Coin Launcher. I can't even describe the awesomeness of this so if you will like to see this great phenomenon, go here:

Controllers and Control Scheme

1) Do I need a GameCube controller to play Brawl, or does it only use the Wiimote and Nunchuck?

Answer I got good news for you. For brawl, you can use 4 different types of controllers, which are: The Wiimote sideways, the Wiimote and nunchuck, the Classic controller, AND the Gamecube controller. For more info, go here:

2) Will I have to use default control schemes?

Answer: More good news; No. You can now set your own control scheme and tweak with it as much as you like. Yes, this functionality is for ALL 4 controllers. If you want to punch with B, you can do that. If you want to jump with A, or even Down on the D-Pad, you can do that. For more info, go here:

I would add some more questions with answers, but for now, I'll stop cause I'm tired of typing lol. I hope this information has been useful to some of you people who are new to Smash Bros, specifically Smash Bros Brawl. And if you want to keep up with daily information concerning Brawl, go to the official Brawl website:

Later, when Brawl comes out, I plan to still use this thread for questions and help, because there will still be some questions and of course help will be needed. It will be much like Chach's Resident Evil 4 thread. If you guys have any questions that I should put up there, tell me, and i'll gladly add them in.:)

I'll be updating this thread daily.
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I commend your dedication...I would've just said "google any questions, and generally an answer will be found"
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yea but just posting that wouldnt be enoughcontent to deserve a whole thread. something like that should be in a post. and obviously, some people are too lazy to google something anyways lol. If they werent too lazy, they wouldnt be askin so many obvious questions. Hopefully this thread will cut down on the amount of useless threads that just have flame in them and get closed
Really nice thread. Reps.
Helps with the people who show up and spam the threads asking for an obvious answer.
"when is brawl coming out"
"what kind of controls will brawl have"

and you should have a link to the characters section of the dojo at the bottom/top of the first question
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mushroomedmario said:
"when is brawl coming out"
"what kind of controls will brawl have"

and you should have a link to the characters section of the dojo at the bottom/top of the first question
oh yea. thx mush. ill put that in now
Good work Shoko, and that was quick.

Anyone else annoyed that this section has an entire screen-worth of announcements and stickies?
I have a question/theory, Since Captain Olimar has just been announced it has a "Warning, Challenger Approaching!" sign above him and King Dedede and some others had it as well, and I think Snake and Meta-knight didn't so does that mean the characters with that sign are secret characters to be unlocked or am I just crazy?
JLU51396 said:
I have a question/theory, Since Captain Olimar has just been announced it has a "Warning, Challenger Approaching!" sign above him and King Dedede and some others had it as well, and I think Snake and Meta-knight didn't so does that mean the characters with that sign are secret characters to be unlocked or am I just crazy?

snake and meta knight were announced on trailers, where as olimar and dedede were announced on the dojo
wow do i always get in the first page of a stickied thread? :p
I'm not sure if you mentioned this but you should mention all the wifi features(aka story mode is rumored to be wifi. and the multi melee is wifi etc)