Few more LGC 2006 sneak peaks


Apr 30, 2006
1up.com has got some more cool behind the scenes pics from tomorrows game convention, they've even got a nice little video of the place.

I've attached the Nintendo related images into this post, if you wanna watch the vid clip and see the other booths here's the link:


All the Wii units and demos are gonna be shown 'behind closed doors' the screens you can see in the pics will loop game and video footage.
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That tunnel in the second pic leads to the Nintendo booth, man i wish i was going there :(
Everyone is saying that Nintendo MAY say the release date of the Nintendo Wii and price i believe. unfortunatley is this only going to be for Europe or America as well??????????????? (private message me please!!!!)
ARG!! What time does it start? And does anyone know if Nintendo is having a keynote presentation?