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Sep 20, 2006
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hay guyz.
so i dont know much about super mario galaxy and other mario's (except mario kart) ,, i heard it was an awesome adventure game but i also heard that most nintendo games were kiddie games, correct me if ime it worth buying????. neeways can you please fill me in..
thanks heaps:smilewinkgrin:
I would say Nintendo games are usually a bit "kiddie", but not really targeted toward any age group at all. Mario Galaxy looks like it'll be similar.

The game looks like it could be a classic. So far we've only seen one level, which takes place on an asteroid belt (you can jump from asteroid to asteroid). We don't know yet if other levels are like that or they're totally different. So as yet, it's hard to say if it'll worth buying or not. It should be out sometime next year.
the game seems like a good idea, if it is like loads and loads of small planets and you have to dodge things and do puzzles to get somewhere.
Anyone played that small planet treasure finding stage on SA2: Battle?
It looks a bit similar to Galaxy


It was the worst thing ever :p
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excite truck also seems to be 1 of the best launch titles that's coming out,have you seen some of the previews i reckon it looks amazing...
honestly forget about this title for now!

give it atleast! 6months.

not sure but!

i think gc came out nov 17 01 [wich ps3 stole there reales date this time]

mario sunshine came out aug.25 02

9 months later.....they may do the same this time around

mario kart [DD] 2 years later....Nov 17 03

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