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Oct 30, 2007
Boston, MA
Hey all,

I'm thinking I may sell my Wii, and was just curious if there was a way to erase all information pertaining to my account/friends but leave the downloaded games/channels for the next person - I searched around but couldn't find anything definitive...does anyone have steps for this? Thanks!

- P
go into the wii settings, then the data conrtol menu (opposite the settings)
click wii save settings (i think)
you iwill see a grid of bloacks. delete the game save info for all the disc games (not d'l).
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I'd have to delete all my miis, bookmarks, and people in my address book I'm there something in the shopping channel I need to do as well?
Why not just delete the Shopping Channel itself? The new user can always download it again...
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Good the list so far would be:

- All save games from 'CD load' type games
- All miis
- People in address book
- Shopping channel
- Bookmarks

Am I missing anything?
why dont you just set the entire console to 'default' doesnt that erase everything and set it back to factory specs? wait. VC's...

deleteyour network settings too.

why delete the shopping channel, unless you have a credit card info on there, theres no reason to delete that too.

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