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May 22, 2006
A lot of you who own the Nintendo DS, knows what the friend codes are.
They are little 12 digit numbers that allow you to connect wifi with a friend that you both have.
Well, some people do not want/like friend codes because they have bad luck finding them.
On the community, it is against the rules to share friend codes.
I kinda like them as long as the will have online lobbys to be able to chat with people and communicate even with out friend codes.
yami_riku said:
Was that going anywhere? And if it was, why is it in the Wii forum?
Im pretty sure the Wii is gonna use the same system, rather than an xbox live type interface.

Will try dig up some more info.

IGN Wii: What is your plan for the Wi-Fi Connection and how might it compare to Xbox Live?

Takahashi Tezuka: Well, the Wii Wi-Fi Connection works the same as the Nintendo DS one. It's the three qualities that we emphasize. It's easy, safe and free.

IGN Wii: Will it have a central interface a la Live that all games will interact with, or will it be different on a game-by-game basis?

Tezuka: It'll be just like the DS so the interface will depend on the software.

IGN Wii: Will Wi-Fi Connection on Wii also use a Friends Code system?

Tezuka: Yes.
Friend codes are easy to use imo, however it's a bit of a pain to have to add them, the only thing that I don't like about them is that you're able to reset them. Which is confusing if you don't know that you've reset it.:( Other than that, it's fine.
You can reset them??? anyway, yeah the WFC could definitely use improvement. They need to combine the availabilty of friend connections in MarioKart to the features of MP: Hunters with a system that would allow you to see if friends are online in other games.
well this is what i think the ps3 and xbox 360 uses usernames that when u add them ur firend will get message saidn this person has added u and u acsept it and its done then u can play every game together as long as u both have it but wii u need a firen coad to talk to other people and u both need the coads so u will not know if some1 had added u untill u add them its pouintless. not only that but u need diforant coads for eatch online game u wanna play with tyour wii firends so it meand even more coad swopping witch sucks. if nintendo whatsto make it posible for wii users to have a user name and do it luke sony or micro soft then they will have to do a over 18 thing coz thats the reson y we cant have usernames coz nintendo is worred about young kids age 10 and under telling other people there full names and addresess so thats why its hard to talk to any1 on wii online

i think in a result of all of this jabber that wii should make a new chanle witch only over 16 or 18 members can enter and its a chat chanle where u can talk to online people and change firend coads i know thats what we can do here but it would be betta that way ALSO i think that it would be too hard for nintendo to creat usernames by now coz its somthing u should start off with but if they manage to do it i will be super happy and like wii would acutly be betta then ps3 and x box coz i think they r equle now but if will where to do that then wii would be betta.

i know i have writen alot but its what was on my mind at the time

P.S. my wii fiend coad is 8981 4324 1737 8203
and pm me when u add me with ur FC so we can chat and exstange other coads its sucks i know...
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