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Aug 2, 2006
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Remember not to throw away or dispose your gamecube controllers, they will b required for some of the games and will play overall better for some of the game releases...For example, Nintendo said specifically that for SSBB u will really need the GC controllers for overall best gameplay; so remember, keep your gamecube controllers, as they will b used for some games; of course, the Wii-mote can still b used but it is advised that u keep the GC controllers for future use

NOTE: The Wii can use GameCube controllers and memory cards; this is self-explanatory by now; in addition to everything im saying, u can play Gamecube games on the Wii WITH the gamecube controllers, adding more of a reason not to dispose of your controllers

If anybody already discarded their controllers then leave a comment here if u want, just for show of who did already
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They're not GC remotes.. they're called GC controllers

*EDIT* The suggestion by Nintendo to keep the GC controllers for the Wii when certain games require them is already known. But thanks for to continual reminder... Some people here may not already know about this info... SSBB with GC controllers w00t!!!
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Thanks for the reminder. :)

Big_Mill said:
Can we use the GC controllers for the virtual console games. Been wondering that for a while.

Hrm, I dunno about the N64 Games, they'll probably use the GC controller (or maybe even the Wii is compatable with the N64 controller, I forget if the GC and N64 controller ports are the same).

As for the NES and SNES, I think they said something about tilting the Wiimote on it's side to represent the old controllers, not sure though.
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np :D i dont want ppl to discard their GC controllers when they could still b used for the Wii u know what i mean? a simple reminder like this could prevent something big like that from happening ;) especially since the days r coming nearer for the release date of the Wii
why would people get rid of their GC controllers when they have GC games they could play on the Wii?
Sucks for me. I hated my gamecube so I gave it and the controllers to my brother when he moved out. I didn't think about if I got a Wii since at the time I didn't want to have anything to do with another Nintendo system since the Gamecube sucked so bad. Although I changed my mind and decided to give Nintendo one more chance since the Wii looks really sweet.
all i know is SSBB better be able to be played with the Virtual Console controllers, because recycling old controllers just seem...meh...WERE NOT SONY HERE PEOPLE!!
damn that sucks coz i never had a gamecube and super smash bros is like the best multiplayer fighting game, especially 2 play with mates.. i guess that means some extra money saving, lol..