Game Similarites in The Conduit

Mr. person

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Jun 22, 2007
over the rainbow
Has anyone noticed any similarities to other games from the Conduit. For example, the conduits themselves look like the level goals in Donkey Kong Land for the gameboy. Also the writing on the walls (hidden messages), and the feature that shows you the direction in which you need to go by showing a line on the ground also is in Dead Space. im not saying that they are bad, i am just pointing likenesses out. Anyone else see any others?
i never played donkey kong land for GB also the witing (hidden messages) is also from the
Penumbra: Overture... kind of.
Well similarities to Halo:

- Health Regen
- Sticky Bomb/Grenade
- Melee Attacks
Also the deatomizer looks just like the plasma pistol thingy in Halo as well. Honestly I don't care if they copied some things from Halo, Microsoft wouldn't exist if they hadn't stolen ideas.
I don't know if I'm the only one, but when you jump it just sounds like Link jumping to me :p