Games on Gamecube & Wii

Of course there's Zelda TP, which makes use of the Wiimote in the Wii version, but the Gamecube version should be a very good game anyway.

Apart from that, the only ones I'm aware of are Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
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Ooh another Splinter Cell game, I'm definitely getting that on the Wii though! :D
I was looking at the site for upcoming games that there were not to many at all for the gamecube it looked as if they were slowing down making games for that system so they could focus on the wii games.
They are going to have to make a few games for both of them ebcasue some may not upgrade to the wii right away and the maker of the game will know this and they will make it for the gamecube too to get more money.
the only games i can see being for both will be the movie games just bc they come out for every system imaginable, other than that the titles being developed for the cube will most likely stay there and future titles will prolly be wii exclusive for the most part