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Mar 16, 2009
now that we have games turn movies, there has been one game i thought would be sweet to make, a jason bourne-esque type of movie,Golgo 13: The Secret Episode with the main character played by either Daniel Greig or Leonard Nemoi, i'd pick Nemoi just becaue he is identical to Golgo.But chances of that happening is none to one 'cause Nemoi is bout' old as dirt, and Greig is too busy taking over pearce brosman's role as Bond. that movie would not be bad at all.. if they did it right that is........ let's if wii can see the white suited man wit' the virgina slims and the sniper on film.Golgo 13's real name was Duke Togo an assasin whose job was to take out the evil world leader.:D
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still you got to admit it would be a sweet movie!
It already is a movie
(Check the link in my above post)