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Oct 18, 2007
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Hello All,
I figured some people might be looking for a game to play while waiting for the 'great ones' coming up soon :)
Here's My Ghost Squad review at IGN:

I'll start this review with a little background of myself so you know where I am coming from. I'm a typical 26 year old gamer that enjoys all genres of video games from old school up to 'next-gen'. I have always enjoyed light gun arcade games so I was eager to get Ghost Squad.

It supports 4 players at once which I love since me and my brother can both dual wield guns at the same time. It also has a nice shot calibration system that allows you to calibrate how the wiimote aims relative to the screen.
This means that you can basically make it like a traditional light gun game, where you point is where it shoots.

The gameplay is fast and furious like most shooters. There are 3 missions that have many variations of each level. This means you are technically playing the same 3 missions but the enemy layout and difficulty varies greatly. Also they add in these little side missions throught the levels that you can choose from which really adds to the depth.

Finally the game ranks you after beating the missions and allows you to post your high score in an online leaderboard. This works well in motivating you to beat the game on harder levels using harder guns and no aiming recticle. You also get new guns and new costumes for you character which helps add to the depth.

+ 4 players at once is sweet OR 2 players dual wielding!!!
+ Very tight controls, the IR cursor works great and can be calibrated to any senstivity or accuracy you like in the game.
+ Solid light-gun gameplay that has changing levels and fun side missions.
+ Unlockable guns and costumes change things up and increase difficulty
+ Online leaderboards keep you motivated to beat your high score

- The 3 missions are not very long but the variety helps.
- The graphics are not amazing but they do the job

I highly recommend this game to any light-gun fans. I strongly suggest the game for anyone who wants to try out
a light gun game without dropping a bunch of quarters at the arcade. Its a fun romp especially with friends...
Can't go wrong with a shotgun in one hand and a machine gun in the other :}
nice review nice dude, i have the game and am the local high score owner, even tho all the other scores are just put in by computer.
I love this game it is soo much fun. Dual welding is fun but playing with four people isnt as it gets a bit boring,....

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