The company went bust to mutch money on adds and the games just never came out
Lol thats funny it took 8 moths to sell 5K but it only took the DS 2 days to sell 87K. It look pretty unco
The thing was crap- no good games, and the cheaper version forced you to endure adverts all the time. I wasn't surprised when I find out it flopped.

And If I remeber correctly one of the company heads was a crook and was caught drunk driving.
yep he smash up a farari (red car from out run)
I had never heard of gizmondo this is my first time, I though it was something created by microsoft but now I know is another group
I remember seeing the gizmondo at game stars live in england it looked good but even though they said there'd be a playable system at the show their wasn't so they ruined their chance their
It needed better games yes, but also Brand Name reconition killed it as well. But got to hand it to them, takes guts to try to run against Nintendo and Sony. Thats why the Xbox was successful, it already had enough Brand Name reconition and people trust spending money on the console because of it.
When is microsoft going to work on a handheld gaming system...its a matter of time (portable pcs dont count)...just think playing a handheld version of halo while ur on the train or sumthin