good game ideas


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Sep 29, 2006
ok i was just thinking about a good game for the DS so here it is--- Super Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt DS (you would use the touch screen to shoot the ducks

so post all the old or new games you would like to see on the DS
well the super mario bros has been done and there is a game called pint blank ds you know the shooting arcade game at the arcades with the freakys dudes yeah well its like that but except with a stylus
A good game would be something like marvel vs capcom vs street fighter type of thing. Where it would be Nintendo vs Microsoft vs Sony. Of coarse Microsoft would have the advantage of using guns and Nintendo not but I'd get over it soon :) Or how about this.... Super Smash Bros Invades Halo!
I think they should have a Fire Emblem for the DS and another Banjo-Kazooie game, I'm still waiting for Banjo-three-e!