Graphics on the WII

Ya. The Wii's graphics are great. Obviously not at the level of the 360 or PS3, but definitly a step up from the gamecube.

I've heard people, a certain host of a certain show which starts with the letter X and ends with the word "play", say that Twilight Princess pushes wii to its limits. I was pretty surprised by that considering its a gamecube game! Just thought Id say that right now. Because as you all know, the graphics were not changed.

However, the graphics are obviously better, because the wii has double the power. We should be seeing graphics that are better than the original xbox. What will be the real test for me will be need for speed carbon. It looks pretty good, but I would like to really see it!

Most wanted, another need for speed game, was quite beautiful too. The gamecube, however, was the only one of the last gen consoles to not support realtime reflections and a few other effects and stuff. And it really looked great on the xbox. Because the wii is better than the xbox,we could assume that is most wanted was ported to the xbox, its graphics would be superior. So, I can assume, that the wii will have great graphics!