Do you think guests should be restricted in some places on

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Jul 8, 2006
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I think guests should need to sign up for this because right now there are usually more of them than members and they just get free info.
yep its like that on my forum
while the growth of the community is a good thing, if you force it on people it would prolly hurt us in the end for a couple reasons:
1) if people can't browse what is here already, then how do they know signing up is worth it? we'd prolly have lost some people that way
2) the information is the same rumors (plus our speculation) that can be found in hundreds of places on the net
3) the registration is free, so even if guests did have to sign up they could still leech the info that you're worried about (see #2) and never contribute a thing to the community
I think guest should see a little bit of how is the forum and then if they like it they can sing up for seen everything and participate actively in the forum
Well i think it would turn people away. We may get more members but alot less returning visitors. People that are looking for certain things and realize that they will have to spend a minute or two registering will just hit the back button and try a different google link.
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sorry, this was a stupid thread >.<. it would make people not want to come here for info...
sorry, this was a stupid thread >.<. it would make people not want to come here for info...

No, it was a good idea, and is implemented on a lot of forums, it just doesn't seem right for this forum. I'm not sure how i0n has it setup currently (or how our bandwidth situation is) but it would be a good idea to block the gallery and attached images prolly (if its not already done)
Phimua's right, there's little to be gained by excluding guests. While I'd like to see more members on this forum, they have to be given the chance to see what it's like before they join.

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