yeh. But keep in mind that was w/ no lvl caps and stuff :p
I suggest... a radar hacked and you'll be the best :yesnod:

Im joking, though.
I dont even know my team-mates, this clan has just some days, a clan war would be great to have against some of my friends from SSM. I dont belive the Clan-General-Comander will agree to it without some train. But Im really looking forward to it.
Plus, it seems your clan is having some internal differences and maybe you must war against your pals first.
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How can u already have 8 members yet we're the only people who even post here lol
we had members prior to this post -_- and i didn't only post here i posted elsewhere, and eduardo im extremely hyped you're putting the tag on may i recommend HAMS-ANDWHICH