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Jan 25, 2009
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Who here has heard about the future Gold and Silver remakes, called Heart Gold and Soul Silver? I noticed it when I was browsing Bulbapedia. I still cant bealive that this is happening! Anyways, this thread is for any Heart Gold and Soul Silver discussion. Right now, there is very little information about the game, althrough like FireRed and LeafGreen, many new features will be added. It is for the DS, and will also have 3rd and 4th Generation Pokemon included somehow. Well, good luck!
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anyway im getting silver, i perfered it over gold. that game's gonna be a blast. cant wait to see what additional things they add to it. gonna be amazing
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This ties in with my post on the other thread, but I think Kanto will be accesable, with FireRed and LeafGreen having Sevii Islands and all that.
Well if its coming out this fall hopefully they add new legendaries and maybe some different types of Pokemon like.... Psychic/Ghost
There are pics of it that shows the main character with a chikorita following it.
I think it's going to use the yellow version idea of the starter following the character
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The Pokemon threads tend to be in the D/P Area.

I would love it if your starter followed you around always. Theyre unlikely to do it through, the Pic you saw was most likely in a Amity Square like area.

[DS]Leader, they only add new Pokemon when a new generation comes out. These games are still 4th Generation.
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