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Jul 9, 2009
hello people, im from south wales,

had my wii for about a year now and only found out it could go on the tinterweb yesterday so im on a mission to understand how to do it now.

ive got it connected to the web but dont understand how to play someone a a game, and what game does it have to be a downloaded game? could it be an inserted game in the machine and do both players have to have the same game in the machine or only one etc. how do i find the opponent, etc etc.

im going to put a post on the wii online section but for some reason its saying servor error.

anyway, hello
Afternoon plumajp and welcome to the site.

To answer your questions let me offer you this .. .. .. ..

Some games have online features (careful because some only have leaderboards) and they are distinguished by the blue wifi logo that looks like this :

To find out which games have actual online play you could do worse than head over to wikipedia and look at this list of games.

Two of the more popular online retail games are Mario Kart Wii and The Conduit, from Wiiware you could do worse than Water Warfare.
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