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Aug 9, 2009
Hey everybody my name is Erin I know its a girl name but im a boy.I am a die hard gamer some other people may know me from wiispace,wiihacks,wiiusers ETC.come hitt me up espescialy if u know me.I have a wii and a DSi I have every single online game on the wii.if you wanna play a game just PM me or send me a vistor message yes im new here glad 2 be here.On super smash bros.brawl I main pikachu I know all his combos and love him 2 death.I have been in 6tournys 2out of my country and 1 in my city and 3online.yeah but anyways I hope there's no stuck up people or mean people who I run into while im here.other than that i'll see u when I see u.
Welcome to Wii-Chat, Erin. As a fellow Brawl tourney-goer, I would enjoy playing some matches with you sometime. And don't worry; from what I've seen so far, 95% of the people here are nice enough if you don't have a negative attitude. =]
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LOLZ @ tingler well how about u add me as a friend lolz thanks for the welcome and cuomo anytime u wanna brawl I can brawl u i'll add u on aim and talk 2 u on there.

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