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Oct 17, 2009
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Hello everyone, My name is Mario789. I'm a new member here and i'm glad to be here!!! For starters I will let you guys know a couple things about me.

#1: I Love The Wii (Who doesn't!!!) :lovewii:
#2: My Favorite Series Is Paper Mario Games :yesnod:
#3: I love to play online so feel free to send me a Wii-Mail (thats what i call it... get it.. wii mail XD)

Thanks Everyone!!!

Finnally a mario fan.WELCOME!:DI have always enjoyed playing the paper maro games.:papermario:
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Thanks for the welcome, And yes, Mario gaming is my main choice. Nice to meet you,
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Yay! Paper mario 64 was one of my favorites out of all the paper mario games.
welcome !

aah i remember paper mario 2 thousand year door what a good game

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