Help please I really want to get my wii online


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Aug 17, 2009
Where I live the fastest connection I can get is running about 240kb ya I know its slow but its the best I can get. But my problem is that it is through a USB modem and am not sure how to hook up to the internet. Do I just get a router and hook up to my computer and split my internet that way? Or do I use the LAN adapter for the wii. Any help would be great

OBTW I have been searching this site for a while to find the answer and the only thing I have found is that one other has the same problem but doesnt look like an answer has come out yet
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No its a wireless air card that plugs into the USB port on my computer.
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ok i watched a video on you tube i got the lan adapter and hooked it all up my problem is now..... when i create my bridge from my internet to the LAN i can not open the sharing folder on my air card to share the connection......

im going crazy tryin to figure this one out