Hey everyone It's Ezekiel86/Tim!

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Jun 26, 2006
Perth, Western Australia, most isolated capital in
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I've been here for a little while but I never really did anything like this, so I guess doing this makes me officially a part of the community, lol a funky initiation ;)

Name: Tim
Age: 20 (I'm an 86er)
Ethnicity/Background/Religion: Australian, with Italian (50%), SE European and a bit of Middle Eastern heritage, officially Christian, but dont really practice it.
Location: Perth, Western Australia (lived here all my life)
Occupation: Coles guy... nothing crazy unfortunately!
Studying: Taking a year off study atm, should be going doing film and television next yr tho.

Interests: Obviously Nintendo lol, I've been a follower since I was about 5 or something, playing the combo cart of the first duck hunt and mario bros! good times lol, other than that, going out is always fun, and I've recently taken a shine to dancing, a few drinks here and there are good :p could not live without MUSIC! I do a bit of music video stuff too, i use mostly anime from my computer lol but its awesome fun :D did a bit of music remixing too which is great fun!

what else to say...
Fav food: pasta, i make an awesome sauce!
fav game atm: recently been gettin into some good ol' Timesplitters 2 on GC, good mayhem there :D

oh and FCs!
MKDS FC: 0558-9898-2921
MPH FC: 1031-5066-6884

tell me if you're going to add me, and i'll grab your FC so we can do some racing/gunning lol

(for those who dont know, FC is an abbreviation for Friend Code, a function of the Nintendo DS that allows users around the world to add each other to their list of friends)

I'm not trying to sound arrogant or whatnot, but if we all did intros like this we might learn alot about each other

the excessive use of exclamation points means, "Congratulations"...

Yea we would all learn alot more about eachother if we did put something about ourselves ... but most of us are lazy, and probably fat. ;)
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Thankyou all,
I've been here for a little while and the people here have been awesome. Theres always some good ideas in circulation, and ppl here are just good to chat with in general!

nintendowiigaming.piczo said:
hey duude! welcome nice i'l put u in my mp:h! my fc is: 077 382 838 165
i'm usualy on at night :D ( like from 08:00 ++++

I just added you, it's a bit hard for me to predict when i'll be playing MP:H tho, as it is i havent played in aaaaaages... cuz i usually play when i go into town (no broadband at home yet :( ) at the cafe under the playhouse/theatre.... they make such good mocha :) but i would love to play against u one day.... what Time Zone are you in? i'm GMT +800 Perth, I think it means i'm 8 hours ahead of Grenwich Mean Time... yeah, somethin like that lol
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