hey from australia!

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Jun 30, 2006
in some place i do not know of
hey im samuel and im from australia.
my first nintendo console was a gameboy advance and I was completely hooked!!!! i bought it 4 $15 dollars at a garage sale, back then the advances were selling for $150 here!!!! so it was a great bargain. then i got my DS which in my opinion is sooooo much better than the psp, anyway i got mine with nintendogs lab and friends (which i never play anymore.)
Well anyways, see ya all l8ter!
p.s. cant wait 4 the wii!
Hello sonic7 sir. Enjoy your stay at the forums.
Welcome to the boards! By the way, have you ever played Ty the Tasmanian Tiger? It would be right up your alley! ^_^
Hey mate have a GBA as well! Got it from someone for $20 since he didn't want it lol. Great to play games on!

Btw I live in Aussie, Sydney.

Nice to know someone from Oz here
and me, in canberra at the moment but moving to melbourne.
I did never expect this many australians on the site cause many of us arent Ninty fans.
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